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One of the primary barriers that holds people back from reaching their truly healthy potential, that is to say, a high natural level of energy, vitality and immunity, is the mindset that is often crafted unknowingly in their subconscious mind from all manner of external motivations including their family, friends, associates, the media and more.

For decades there has been a feud amongst nutrition and food experts, and industrial conglomerates. Doctors, notoriously ignorant on even the most basics of practical nutritional knowledge, are in the middle of this mess.

These days it is understandably confusing for many people that are looking to make positive changes to their health. There are a million different ideas and modalities that are being hocked continuously with increasingly complex marketing strategies designed to suck people in.

"Leaky gut", the concept of foreign particles puncturing the intestinal wall for a number of reasons, has been gaining ground for the last decade. While most mainstream doctors don't recognize it as a real phenomenon, or are even aware that it happens, this is a very real problem because of the toxic diets, chemicals, metals, plastics, and other...

Testosterone is one of the most important factors for health. While this is true especially for men, it is also important for women. This hormone affects muscle mass and libido but also affects sleep patterns and even affects brain functions. Here are ways to know if your levels are low and what to add to your body to increase this...

It simply amazes me, still, to this day, the absolute garbage that I see on televisions when I'm travelling out and about. I haven't had cable for years so I don't allow this type of poison into my home, because in many ways its actually worse than the toxic food and drinks that are wreaking havoc on the human population....

One of the areas of highest contention in the health and wellness industry is fat. Decades of propaganda from the sugar industry and the industrialization of food has made fat the target of many an entry level health "expert".

Everyone should be familiar with the concept of hormones but how many really understand how important they are and how to increase or decrease them to optimize health?

Its 2020, and winter is on its way. Along with it is a never-ending stream of insatiable and somewhat propagandist rhetoric about how "cold and flu season" is on the way.