The Continual War On Proper Nutrition


For decades there has been a feud amongst nutrition and food experts, and industrial conglomerates. Doctors, notoriously ignorant on even the most basics of practical nutritional knowledge, are in the middle of this mess. 

The basic backdrop of this argument was when, shortly after World War II it was noticed that younger and younger men, sadly cadavers of the war, were being opened up by scientists and they were discovering never before seen levels of plaques in the arteries. Thus the idea of atherosclerosis was formed and the battle against America's largest killer, heart disease, began.

This is also the time when some of the worst decisions in terms of public nutritional policy ever to be conceived were concocted by governments and as a result the health of nations all over the world, especially Western, has plummeted in every category for decades on end in an enormous spiral of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, strokes, and every other lifestyle-related illness you can imagine. More of these diseases are created out of thin air by giant pharmaceutical corporations by the day, but that is for another article.

The argument has always been between fats and carbohydrates. It has also been between animal products and plant-based foods. Saturated fat was the enemy of choice chosen at the time, and so first we had the era of trans fats which are the worst possible fats one could consume. 

Butter was the enemy, and vegetable and seed oils were prioritized for the American population. As is expected with such horrendous advice, heart disease climbed further and people became sicker and sicker. Also, this was when sugar was added into foods in exorbitant quantities, in order to replace the flavor that was lost when healthier fats were removed from the foods. So people are now consuming approximately fifty times more processed and nutrient devoid sugars than they used to.

People give me shocked looks when I explain to them that humans in the early 1900's were far, far healthier than they are today. Because of our low-level understandings of history and nutrition, neither of which are taught correctly in school, especially nutrition, people erroneously correlate advances in technology with health.  One reason for this is a skewed look at life expectancy using a loophole in the data provided by the medical industry. Yes, life expectancy did increase, on average, because there was less death at birth. These life expectancies of "0 years" did a lot to lower the average lifespans. But there were still plenty of people living long and healthy lives back then. I would argue much healthier than us now. But that too is for another article.

It was when the corporate / medical takeover of this country happened where the health turned south and you can check out the CDC statistics yearly to see just how bad health is getting. What does it matter if you're living a few years longer if you are obese, sick and immobile? 

The Next Stage of The War on Health 

This information was brought to my attention thanks to Dr. Mercola, renowned health expert with an immaculate track record, and for that very reason, enemy of the state. He is constantly attacked by government lackeys who know nothing about health. That seems to be a continual theme these days: if you don't support endless drugs and corporate processed foods, and if you support meat at all, you are disseminating disinformation

In this article it is brought to our attention the creation in 2021 of The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy's Food Compass. They are meant to meet with the Biden administration later this year to discuss how to make Americans fatter, sicker, slower, dumber, poorer, and more immobile than ever before. And this chart they devised is exemplary of these goals:

They have devised an ingenious food ranking system to help you and your friends and family destroy your bodies internally while simultaneously removing key nutrients that keep you healthy.

In exhibit A, we have the recycled war on meat, which is in high gear. For some reason, these political and power-hungry types just hate meat. It is understandable to dislike industrial farming due to the poor quality of food and the poor way animals are treated. But they don't differentiate between grass fed, pasture raised beef which is lovingly cared for by its owners, and a Tyson meats type of operation comprising of inhumanely slaughtered mutants, injected with more drugs, hormones and antibiotics than even the average American. And that is saying quite a lot.

From back in the times that The China Study was written by Andrew Campbell, saturated fat has been labeled public enemy number one. There have been, thankfully, voluminous studies that have debunked this idea and blamed the real culprit, highly processed sugars, as the real danger.

So here we see ground beef gets a score of 26/100. Honey nut cheerios, a bastion of health according to this nebulous group of industrial shills, ranks at 76/100. Frosted mini-wheats is ranked one short of kale, obviously. Finally, someone has uncovered Mini-Wheats as the resource heavy super-food that it is and always has been.

An egg fried in butter, red zone.  And forget about cheese. Vitamins and healthy fats be damned. 

Most people are not aware of an entity called the World Economic Forum or the idea of the Great Reset which is a book also written by the ringleader Klaus Scwabb (although everyone will know quite soon as this group decides where humanity goes).

This sounds like conspiracy stuff, but I assure you it is not. The WEF works with governments around the world as well as unelected think tanks of criminals such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization. They have taken it upon themselves to tackle the health problems around the world by scaring the shit out of you constantly and getting you to eat mini-wheats and bugs, which is the obviously superior nutritional solution to a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and well sourced meat products. 

As someone who would like to think I know a thing or two about health and nutrition, seeing as I have studied and practiced exactly these things, in the real world, for now approaching two decades, it is fairly clear that the food industries in the world are under extreme attack, at a time when people are already sick to a frightening degree. 

It was regretfully during the Obama administration that I realized that the government does not know how to be healthy. Either that or they purposefully like to keep people sick, to profit their major donors, which are pharmaceutical companies and different industrial conglomerates, including the massive food processing companies.

So, one of the best pieces of advice, one which is quite simple, is to listen to what the government agencies and dieticians say, and then promptly do the exact opposite. I understand that meat is up for debate, and veganism is on the rise, but its important to understand that quality meat contains some of the highest concentrations of things like iron, saturated fat (which is useful), vitamins and minerals, proteins, and especially healthy fats. Saturated fat is not the enemy and it sure as hell isn't the cause for heart disease. 

The problem for them is that they don't like small healthy farms that provide quality meat, cheese and milk products (like raw milk). They don't want people having their own gardens. The war isn't just on nutrition its on the people's right to their own autonomous food in general. Its about control. If you control the food supply you can control any country. They want you to eat bug meat because it is "more sustainable", but they will be eating quality meat I assure you of that. 

It all ties into the World Economic Forum's Great Reset agenda which ties into the UN's Agenda 2020 and Agenda 2030 plans, which if you research those yourself, you will find that we are well on our way, and this attack on our nutrition is but a small but pivotal part of the Great Plan.

Ben Hetzel

ACSM / Sports Nutrition Specialist and Health Coach 

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