Increasing Testosterone Through Nutrition


Testosterone is one of the most important factors for health. While this is true especially for men, it is also important for women. This hormone affects muscle mass and libido but also affects sleep patterns and even affects brain functions. Here are ways to know if your levels are low and what to add to your body to increase this invaluable hormone!

Testosterone levels have been plummeting in the U.S. for decades and this is leading to an ever-increasing set of health problems that are only seeming to get worse.  There's a lot of different factors that can affect testosterone and young boys and those going through puberty are especially affected. What we see is a generation of males that has lower muscle mass naturally as well as increased obesity, mood disorders and a host of other problems.

One of the trends in society today is the notion of toxic masculinity which is not helping the situation, as men being strong, independent, confident and assertive is seen by many in the media business as a bad thing. In a time when drag queen story hour and other strange actions are being pushed on the youth, its in my opinion much more important than ever to make sure males young and old are getting at least into healthy testosterone levels. You don't have to be an "alpha male" but low T can cause the following problems:

* Sleep disturbances, which also paradoxically impede testosterone production, creating a vicious cycle

* Lower muscle mass and strength which can lead many young men to feel inadequate or develop muscle dysmorphia (being very insecure and judgmental about your own body

* Feminine characteristics like gynecomastia or "man boobs" which further lowers confidence

* Lower sex drive and erectile dysfunction

* mood alterations and disorders leading to more anxiety and depression and generally lowering the quality of life

As is normal with mainstream medicine in this era of NBD (Nothing But Drugs) often testosterone therapy is recommended. While it can certainly be helpful, especially with older men, this type of intervention does not adequately address the root problems which often times are diet related. 

In the quest for true, natural, vibrant and disease-free health, it is important to have a holistic approach where solid nutrition and fitness are combined to not only address testosterone problems but also other problems that people may have like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular health and mental health. All of these are related to testosterone levels in direct or tangential ways. 

Luckily there are many ways, some of them completely free, that can help to improve low testosterone. 

And, since we have an epidemic of disease, especially in the Western world, chances are that you could stand to improve T levels which will provide the opposite effects of those I mentioned with deficiency. Things like higher sex drive and appeal to the opposite sex, more confidence, better sleep, more muscle mass, less body fat, and more strength and vitality!

The first way you can increase testosterone levels naturally is completely free of charge. This is the simple act of nasal breathing. Most people are "mouth breathers"...literally. They breathe very shallowly through the mouth and into the upper chest. The best way to breathe is through the nose and taking it all the way down into the abdomen. Literally you want to push your breathe as far south on your body as you can. This will seem difficult at first but if you consistently remind yourself to breathe in through the nose it will become habitual like anything in life. 

Nose breathing has a ton of benefits but one thing that it activates is the nitric oxide system which is a super-nutrient (some speculate a hormone) that has too many benefits to name here. One of those is increased testosterone. 

As a side note nitric oxide also increases vasodilation which is extremely important for heart health as it increases the diameter of the blood vessels which increases blood flow to all areas of the body. So this also helps to reduce hypertension, another rampant problem in society today.

There are certain foods that increase nitric oxide and thus help with testosterone. I make sure to make these foods a staple in my diet at least a few times per week to aid in healthy testosterone levels. These include beets, olive oil, almonds. Beets are a superfood that have many health benefits but increasing nitric oxide is just one of them. Olive oil is the nectar of the gods in my opinion and also includes essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA which aid in brain health and also keeping healthy cholesterol levels. Almonds provide some protein and fiber as well as fatty acids.

Can you see how eating these foods coincides with the holistic lifestyle I mentioned? They not only boost testosterone but they provide an assortment of other essential nutrients, fats and proteins. 

One more way to increase testosterone is to optimize sleep levels. Few people know that the best times to sleep for hormone production are between 11pm and 2am. So people that are staying up super late are missing out on these peak healing times. Remember, your body is using sleep to reroute blood flow internally to vital organs for repair and production of different hormones. Sleep is just as important as proper breathing and good nutrition or exercise.

Many people including myself have had bad habits before bed like using devices and subjecting ourselves to blue light too close to bedtime which sends signals to our body that its daylight. 

There is actually a lot of data pouring out about how bad artificial lighting and screens are for our health, and not just our sleep patterns. Its bad for the eyes and could even be cancerous.

We are meant to sleep in total a cave. So I have found that by using complete blackout curtains on my bedroom window helps me sleep by decreasing outside light sources. Even a small amount of light can disrupt sleep. Many people are still sleeping with their television on, which is terrible for health!

In conclusion, it should be obvious that most if not all of these habits I explained go against societal norms, where junk food, artificial lights, malnutrition, lack of essential nutrition and mouth breathing are the norm. This is why over 80% of people in the U.S. are overweight. So you will have to ditch what other people are doing and start taking full control of your own health by changing habits. Opinions from others about being a "health nut" be damned. But that's a whole other topic.

There is nothing wrong with being a high testosterone male (or healthy testosterone female!) who is confident and healthy, no matter what the television and the insane asylum of society has to say. And contrary to popular lore, women like high testosterone males even from a genetic standpoint. Society is attempting to demonize high testosterone men because we are a threat to several agendas....mainly that the government doesn't like us. They want us to be weak, low confidence, medicated and easy to control. Let's work together to put a stop to it.

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