Harnessing a Rock Solid Mindset For Health


One of the primary barriers that holds people back from reaching their truly healthy potential, that is to say, a high natural level of energy, vitality and immunity, is the mindset that is often crafted unknowingly in their subconscious mind from all manner of external motivations including their family, friends, associates, the media and more.

Our Blank Slate

When we are brought into this world, we have a blank slate. Barring ideas like repressed memories from pregnancy or from previous lives, or even so-called "genetic memories", we have essentially no preconceived notions as to what the world is or what we are.

Obviously as we begin to grow and consume the stimuli from the world we form a worldview. This can vary greatly from person to person since we come from all walks of life. Someone in the jungles of Africa will have a drastically different perspective on themselves than someone who is born in the concrete jungle of New York City. 

The world is incredibly complex and unfortunately is far from perfect. Many people grow up in incredibly negative environments. They might come from broken homes, or be abused physically or emotionally. Some people have fairy tale childhoods...at least from the perspective of other people. The grass always appears greener on the other side as the saying goes.

I can only bring insights from my own experience, and I am so glad that I was able to be turned by unseen forces into the realms of fitness, health and nutrition. Things would be drastically different for me if this hadn't happened. And for this reason I share a metamorphosis of thought patterns that have given me what I call an impenetrable shield when it comes to health.

This doesn't mean that I can't get injured or have super powers. Far from it. I live in the same world as anyone else. I am susceptible to the same physical forces as anyone on earth. 

But through years of personal journey and struggle, something changed inside of me, in the way that I think. And it is something that I want other people to be able to grasp and implement in their own lives.

Our Thoughts Control Our Reality

Have you ever met a hypochondriac, or one might call them a germophobe? Some people it seems, are simply afraid of their own shadows. They view the world as something that is out to get them at any turn. And these people I have noticed, tend to get sick much more often than usual. 

They've cultivated a thought process and mentality that not only leaves them open to illness but seems to mandate it. 

The idea that thoughts control reality is not a new one. It is one of the oldest adages of philosophers going back centuries if not longer. Or as I've also heard it described; the world is not as it is the world is as you are. Very powerful statements indeed.

But what is the difference between someone that has a sick mentality versus someone that has a healthy one? 

We have to contemplate or meditate on what really creates our thoughts and that is an interesting question to ponder. In the end, we are in total control of our thoughts. No matter the situation, we can choose how to react. This often irritates people because we are in a society these days where people do not like to take responsibility for their actions or their thoughts. They would rather outsource this responsibility to external forces, namely corporations and others that profit from their negative thoughts.

For instance pharmaceutical drug companies, especially psychotropic manufacturers who manufacture antidepressants and anxiety medications, would lose enormous sums of money if people didn't need their drugs. If people are happy they don't use antidepressants. If they are not anxious they don't use anxiety drugs. So these companies want you to be anxious and depressed, even if they outwardly lie about that fact, because their business model unfortunately relies on it.

And again, unfortunately, many people and corporations in this modern materialistic and greedy era thrive on fear. We can think of innumerable examples off hand:

- The media

- Drug companies

- Politicians

- Governments

- Greedy and undeveloped people

And these people are everywhere. Because they love power and control and feed off fear they also are great at accumulating massive wealth, which is never enough, so they get worse and worse and worse. 

And they hate physically healthy and happy people more than anything because we deny them of their greed.

So part of creating a healthy mindset, that is one that is confident, positive, calmly focused and clear, one that is a "flow state", is understanding that these people are lying to you, and that a huge portion of our lives involves being lied to, actively and passively by a largely unhealthy society.

To have a truly healthy mindset means being a minority in a sea of degeneracy in many regards. And having a minority mindset requires courage because it is very easy to fall into the mind-trap of society, to think like everyone else and to ultimately fall into the same traps that many people do.

Courage is discouraged by the same entities that I described above in the bullet point. They hate courage but ultimately fear it because they lack it in most regards. Courage involves effort and self work and ultimately these people I described would rather you just bought their pill or watched their show or followed their mandates or kowtowed to them in some way, shape or form.

 So firstly a person should understand that it is perfectly ok to feel like you are alone when you begin the journey of a positive mindset. This seems counterintuitive but I assure you that this is the norm. Every person I have ever heard about who did something extraordinary had to travel alone...often times for years, doing inner work and going through a vast struggle.

Show me a hero and I'll show you a tragedy - Wes Watson

You can create this mindset using a huge variety of techniques. Me personally, I read hundreds of books, articles, listened to speakers and found mentors....most of which I never met in real life. And each time I extracted a nugget I would add it to the impenetrable wall of health that was forming in my mind. 

Some people find this through spirituality. Or religion. Or just plain experiences. People can have revelations or "downloads" as I call them...sudden intuitive glimpses into a reality beyond our reality.

Ultimately the bridging factor around these different methods of recreating your thoughts is that you have to create your mindset by removing the things that disempower you, or at least recognizing them for what they are (bullshit) and replacing them with empowering thoughts of health. 

And there's a lot more to this idea of thinking yourself healthy than meets the eye.

Your Thoughts Affect Every Cell In Your Body

There is a science called epigenetics that explores the environmental aspects of our genes and how they are affected. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a pioneer in this field and I've read two of his books, one being Becoming Supernatural.

The basic premise is how our thoughts affect our cells. We don't need to go into all of the science behind this, and there is a plethora out there for those that like to read and research, but its important to view the body as a whole organism instead of a bunch of different organs and areas that are independent of each other.

All of our cells react to our thoughts and emotions among other things. Obviously there are physical factors like nutrition, hydration and all other healthy behaviors. But few people realize the effect negative and sick thoughts have on cells. They will obey your command. If you think negative the cells will react negatively. If you think healthy thoughts your cells will react as such.

And this is unfortunately not a popular opinion, again in a society that is run off left-brained longitudinal and linear thinking, where drugs and excuses are king.

As a side note, cortisol, a stress hormone, is activated when we have stressful thoughts, and this reroutes blood away from vital organs and causes a cascade of events that overtime leads to cellular breakdown and inevitable disease.

Positive thoughts however promote healthy bloodflow to all cells, oxygenation of blood and many other healthy attributes.

So I encourage people to read books by people like Joe Dispenza, instead of watching horrendous and time-wasting television shows or worese yet - the "news". One promotes health and the other promotes sickness and fear.

In Conlusion...

There are many facets of health. Most are very simple. Drink clean water in abundance, eat healthy and nutritious foods, and be active in the physical world. Your body will thank you for all of these things, while it will punish you for sedentary lifestyle habits, dehydration and poor nutrition. Its really that simple.

But one thing that you can control no matter what is going on is a positive mindset. Its not easy. It takes work and discipline just like any behavior change. But its worth it. Its way more than worth it to avoid the insanity of where our society is heading as a whole. 

And when you get the positive mental mindset, you will find that, again, your world will change around you. You will "attract" like minded people and relationships, and have a happier mindset about life.

Ben Hetzel

ACSM / Strength and Conditioning, Health and Wellness Specialist

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