What Tactical Nutrition is About

Exceptional results require specific and targeted nutrition strategies along with proper workouts to compliment that nutrition.

Tactical nutrition is an evolving group led by Ben Hetzel, owner of www.tacticalnutrition.net and an experienced strength and conditioning coach and nutrition specialist. 

Tactical Nutrition is bringing the newest information, resources and will soon be releasing highly customized fitness and nutrition programs for all walks of life. Whether male or femaile, young or old, skinny, overweight, athlete, non-athlete, there is no type of person that can't benefit from Tactical Nutrition!

We are in a strange time and there are a lot of people that need help getting healthier and improving their fitness and eating habits. There are temptations and junk food everywhere and people rarely have guidance in the gym. This leads to frustration, lack of results and frustration and can even manifest sickness! It is our goal to help people overcome these obstacles and become the best version of themselves.

Latest Blog Posts and Articles

One of the primary barriers that holds people back from reaching their truly healthy potential, that is to say, a high natural level of energy, vitality and immunity, is the mindset that is often crafted unknowingly in their subconscious mind from all manner of external motivations including their family, friends, associates, the media and more.

For decades there has been a feud amongst nutrition and food experts, and industrial conglomerates. Doctors, notoriously ignorant on even the most basics of practical nutritional knowledge, are in the middle of this mess.

These days it is understandably confusing for many people that are looking to make positive changes to their health. There are a million different ideas and modalities that are being hocked continuously with increasingly complex marketing strategies designed to suck people in.